​Smithsburg Junior Leopards






Important Dates for the 2018 Season:


April 1, 2018- Football and Cheer Registration Opens

July  21, 2018- Practice starts

July 28, 2018- Practice in pads may begin

August 18, 2018 @ 8 am- MANDATORY Weigh-ins at Urbana HS

(If your child is unable to make this weigh-in, they will miss the 1st game of the season and will

have to be present at the Supplemental Weigh-ins)

September 1, 20178@ 8am- Supplemental Weigh-ins at Urbana HS

September 22, 2018 @ 7 am- Mid-Season Weigh-ins at Urbana HS

October 27, 2018@ 7am- Play-off Weigh-ins at Urbana HS

October 27th- Division 2 Bowl Series

November 3rd- 1st Round Playoff Series 

November 10th- 2nd Round Playoff Series 

                                                                    November 17th @ 12pm- Superbowl at Urbana HS


Head coaches for the 2018 football season:

Flag - Bryan Rawlett

Mini-Pony - Nick Cecco

Pony - Norm Scott , Ben Lapole

J.V. - Mark Roncone

Varsity - Rich Hetherington